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I completely understand that cancer is not a “laughing matter.”  People die from it and people can die (or almost die, myself included) from the treatments for cancer.  That said, I truly believe that when we make fun of, crack jokes, or share funny stories about cancer, that it takes away its power to “control us.” (And I would be curled up and sucking my thumb, if I wasn’t cracking my jokes about it…’s that for fun!?  LOL)

My firm belief is that everyone is a survivor and should think of themselves as such, for you have “survived” cancer even beginning to grow in your body.  Even if you are living with metastatic cancer or have been given a terminal diagnosis, I believe that your mind, your spirit, your soul, and your very essence is still alive and you have the right to continue to laugh and experience joy and happiness.

The idea for this site dawned on me after I “rocked the house at my own cancer party” because I could not find a website with firsthand humorous accounts, quips, jokes, or stories that would make me laugh in the face of my adversity.

My new mantra is “LOse fear, haVE HOPE”, which if you look closely, also says, “LOVE HOPE”.  So, stepping out on the hope that this will be a success, I look forward to receiving firsthand accounts from those of you who want to share your part in how you, too, laughed in the face of cancer.

(Thank you Bob Mead for the image!)

WELCOME TO CANSWEAR!!!:  Where you get to laugh and swear, I mean, share about your cancer laughs too.  [You can "like" the Canswear page on Facebook too, thanks!!!/pages/Canswear/179407948783299 Website is for kids to share their stories, this site is for grown ups (but I never really did "grow up", I just "got older", LOL!!)]

Please note:  All submissions are to be sent in via  I will post submissions after reviewing them first (with or without your name on the story, submitter’s preference).  I will edit profanity with $#@*, as I know that actual swear words have a punch, but wish to keep this site from becoming obscene.   All hate mail will be deleted, as I am fully aware that it’s really just the cancer you hate, not me, thank you.

P.S.  Regarding treatments “causing death or near death”, I want to state that I believe in chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, they definitely work at removing or destroying cancer in the body and do promote and cause remission.  When I say I almost died, it was due to hyponatremia (sodium loss/electrolyte imbalance) from the upchucking after my first round of chemotherapy.  I finished my treatments on Aloxi, an anti-nausea medicine.  I wanted to clarify that point, thank you.

And, should you, in the least, think of me as “insensitive”, know that I carry “Survivors Guilt”, am upset to hear of a newly diagnosed person, and cry when learning of someone passing away from this dread disease.

LAST NOTE, PROMISE!!:  ADVERTISERS:  I will not be posting any advertisements for the latest cancer drugs, accessories, gimmicks, clothing, household items, hospitals, doctors, or other “far out and groovy” cancer things on here.  This is where we come to escape “it all”.  THANK YOU!!!!

Copyright 2011  (The Canswear website and commentary (noted as Canswear) is the intellectual property of Dara Insley.)

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